CAIG Labs., DeoxIT L260-DC1, Lithium Grease with cleaner/deoxidizer, Copper Particles, 28g Squeeze Tube

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Superior Performance & Long-Lasting Protection

Whether you have a mechanical or electrical device, wouldn’t you want to clean the surfaces while you lubricate? DeoxIT L260D Greases take care of both. The lithium grease is infused with our DeoxIT Dx100L fluid. It has the unique ability to lift off oxidation and corrosion from metal surfaces without harming surfaces. Unlike other aggressive chemicals, that remove layers of metal, possibly changing design specifications, DeoxIT L260D is gentle to the surface and works slowly to lift off contaminants. It keeps working until most if not all of the oxidation is lifted. The mechanical action of the device then displaces the contaminants away from the metal-to-metal connection. When you first apply the L260D Grease, the DeoxIT fluid molecularly bonds to the metal, sealing and lubricating the metal surfaces, so even when the grease eventually separates from the surfaces, the DeoxIT Dx100L fluid is still protecting the surfaces. DeoxIT Greases keep working when other greases stop!

  • Good lubrication, excellent wear resistance, excellent pressure resistance, excellent oxidation (galvanic corrosion) protection, high dripping-point characteristics. Operating temperatures: -40oC to 260oC.
  • Use copper particles when you require (conductivity) to assist in oxide and corrosion breakup and need good lubrication
  • Use in areas that two contacts will not touch and possibly short. Example: disconnect switches or large connectors and relays.

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