CAIG Labs., DeoxIT L27-MM-Q8T, Mechanical Marine Lithium Grease with cleaner/deoxidizer, Quartz Particles, 226 g Tube/Tip

Size: 6 Pack
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Superior Performing Lithium Grease for Mechanical Applications; cleaning/deoxidizing/protecting

Existing marine greases lubricate and protect mechanical devices and equipment, however, they do not address a common issue that affects all metals, oxidation/corrosion on the surfaces. Shouldn’t you want to clean the surfaces while you lubricate and protect? DeoxIT L27 Marine Greases do just that. The grease is infused with DeoxIT Dx100L fluid. It has the ability to lift off oxidation and corrosion from metal without harming surfaces. L27 is gentle to the surface and works slowly to lift off contaminants. It keeps working until most if not all of the oxidation is lifted. The mechanical action of the device then displaces the contaminants away from the metal connection. When you first apply the DeoxIT L27 Grease, the DeoxIT fluid molecularly bonds to the metal, sealing and lubricating the metal surfaces, so even when the grease eventually separates from the surfaces, the DeoxIT Dx100L fluid is still protecting the surfaces. DeoxIT Greases keep working when other greases stop!

  • Lithium grease for mechanical applications; cleaning/deoxidizing, salt/water protection, oxidation/corrosion protection, excellent wear and pressure resistance, high dripping point, Temps; -40 to 260 C.
  • Quartz particles:  Quartz particles assist in breaking up severe oxidation and corrosion. Quartz is nonconductive. Other particles available; without particles, copper, aluminum, graphite, graphite/quartz and Teflon.
  • Infused with an additive which allows it to mechanically bond to the metal surfaces. It then cleans surfaces over time, coats and re-coats, even when surfaces are disturbed (vibration or mechanical movement). No other grease does this!
  • For ELECTRICAL Marine Grease, Search DeoxIT L27-ME DeoxIT Electrical Marine Lithium Grease
  • USES - MECHANICAL: Bearings (all types), doors (closures), drives (chain/sprockets), hatch closures, O-rings and seals, linear motion systems, plugs (threaded holes), rack & pinion assemblies, screw devices (jacks, rails), slide bushings, sliding parts, tracks/guides/rails, threaded closures, worm gears, etc.

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