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Since 2008, we have helped brands grow their presence on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other E-commerce Marketplaces. As the times became more focused on E-commerce, we became more focused on bringing our clients the most innovative options available to boost their brands. We continue to expand year after year by investing in incredibly talented professionals and partnering with amazing brands. We pride ourselves on creating long-term relationships based and built on integrity, trust, teamwork, and success.

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Our Services

Brand Management

o  We will assist with setting up Amazon Brand Registry for your Brand.

o  We will help create and maintain your Amazon Brand Store Page.

o  We will provide Brand Protection by monitoring listing prices and unauthorized sellers.


o  We will set up Pay Per Click Advertising for all products we sell.

o  We will explore with you the option of SocialMedia Integration.

o  We will utilize Amazon’s Review programs to help launch your Brand’s new products.

Listing/Content Management

o  We will help create and update all Amazon listings to your Brand and Amazon regulations.

o  When creating or updating the listings, we will ensure there is correct background information.

o  We will work with you to create and maintain A+Content for each product


o  We will provide accurate forecasting for your brand’s products based on data and sales.

Data Analysis

o  We will utilize sales data to help grow your brand on Amazon.

o  We will ensure the best keywords are linked to your products.

o  We will monitor and report return rates and the reasons for the returns.

o  We will interpret sales data to see product performance.

Tailored-to-You Planning

o  We work with you to create the best strategy for selling your brand on Amazon.