CAIG Laboratories, DeoxIT L27-ME-16, Electrical Marine Lithium Grease with Cleaner/Deoxidizer, No Particles, 453 g Jar, Pack of 1

Size: 6 Pack
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  • Infused with DeoxIT Dx100L, the formulation provides an additional film on the metal surface to remove/displace corrosion, and provides a movable/flexible protective barrier. This is important when, and if, the grease is disturbed and separates from the metal surface. When the grease is first applied, the infused DeoxIT Dx100L transfers to the metal and coats the entire surface; sealing and protecting the metal even if the grease is separated from the surface (vibration or mechanical movement).
  • Manufactured in semi-solid form for use as a combination cleaning, deoxidizing, protecting and lubricating preparation. Greases protect against oxidation (galvanic corrosion) and are free of mineral acids, sulfurs, alkali's and other noxious components aggressive to metals.
  • "DeoxIT L27-ME Greases improve performance of electrical contacts and connections subject to severe moisture, corrosion and contamination. Operating temperatures: L27-ME: -40OC to 260OC."
  • Can be used on/for, Antenna connections, battery terminals, Buss bars, commutators, conductor rails, conductors, connectors, disconnects, drying & processing equipment, high amperage/high voltage applications, industrial electrical equipment (lifts, cranes, robotics, etc.), power tools, relays & switches (heavy duty, knife, step, rotary), etc.
  • No Particles offer maximum lucubration for relatively clean surfaces. For Sever Oxidation and Corrosion, you will want to use the quartz particle grease.

PartNumber: L27-ME-16

Details: DeoxIT L27-MM (Mechanical) and L27-ME (Electrical) Greases are Different! Up until now, greases were formulated to lubricate, prevent corrosion and protect the surfaces. What if there is corrosion on the metal surfaces? Whether you have a mechanical or electrical device that just needs lubrication, or has minor or major amounts of corrosion, wouldn’t you want to take care of both issues at the same time? DeoxIT L27 Greases take care of both concerns. The lithium grease is infused with a version of our DeoxIT fluid. Simply, the DeoxIT L27 has the unique ability to lift off the oxidation and corrosion from the metal surfaces without harm to the surfaces. Unlike other aggressive corrosion removing chemicals, that remove layers of metal, possibly changing design specifications, DeoxIT L27 is very gentle to the surfaces and works slowly to lift off the contaminants. It keeps working until most if not all of the oxidation is lifted from the surface. The mechanical action of the device then displaces the contaminants away from the metal-to-metal connection. The same advantages work for mechanical devices, as well as electrical devices. When you first apply the L27 Greases, the DeoxIT fluid molecularly bonds to the metal, sealing and lubricating the metal surfaces, so even when the grease eventually separates from the surfaces, the DeoxIT fluid is still protecting the surfaces. DeoxIT Grease L27 keeps working when other greases stop! L27 Greases are available with or without particles; No particles, copper, aluminum, quartz, graphite, graphite/quartz and Teflon. See bullets for descriptions.

UPC: 697429920486

EAN: 0697429920486

Model: L27-ME-16

Item Condition: New

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