DeoxIT Shield SN5S-6N Spray, Contact Protector/Sealant for Severe Environments, 163g, Nonflammable/Non-Drip

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WHY is DeoxIT Shield Unique? Ever wonder why electronic or electrical devices have glitches, intermittents or data errors, or wonder how you can prevent this from happening.

ANSWER: Most of the time it is caused by ONE of the thousands of metal connections in the system or device. All electronic connections deteriorate, especially in severe environments, which cause reduced performance or perhaps total failure. Simple oils and grease only work temporarily or get displaced by mechanical action. This issue causes increased unnecessary service calls for covered repairs that could have been prevented, translating into literally millions of dollars of lost revenue for service organizations. DeoxIT Shield is a long-lasting treatment that molecularly bonds to surfaces, sealing and protecting them even under extreme vibration. This is one aspect separating DeoxIT Shield products from all other products, putting it in a class by itself. SOLUTION: DeoxIT Shield S-Series


DeoxIT Shield's unique properties allow it to work on stationary and moving contacts and connectors with similar or dissimilar metals. Even when a treated connector mates with an untreated one, DeoxIT Shield will migrate and coat the other. When connectors are separated, DeoxIT Shield will re-coat and seal the exposed metal surfaces.

  • DeoxIT D-Series: General purpose for all metals.
  • DeoxIT Gold G-Series: Ideal for gold plated surfaces.
  • DeoxIT Shield S-Series: Severe environments.
  • DeoxIT Fader F-Series: Conductive plastics.


  • Ideal for SEVERE ENVIRONMENTS - Improves Conductivity and Maintains Optimum Signal Quality, Reduces Wear & Abrasion and Forms Protective Anti-corrosive Coating
  • Prevents Fretting/Dendrite Corrosion – Seals and Protects Surfaces - Stabilizes Connections Between Similar and Dissimilar Metals - Reduces Arcing, RFI and Intermittent Connections
  • Ideal for applications in all industries; Audio/Video, Computers, Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Communications, Marine, Electrical, Energy, Photography, Security, Medical, Avionics, etc.
  • USES - ELECTRICAL: ALL Gold Metal Connections; Jacks and Plugs, DIMMs/Sockets, Harnesses, Grounding Blocks, Switches and Relays, RCA jacks, XLRs, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, etc.

5.75oz Spray 5% Solution, Perfect-Straw

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