Occidental Leather 8068 Occidental Hand crafted Leather 9 Compartment Impact Gun & Drill Bag

Sale price$104.90



The main bag has two compartments, one is a gun holster and pouch suitable for tools and quick release clamps commonly used in metal stud work. Designed for the right side, the holster is suitable for cordless drills or screw guns. Complimented by our patented 2 in 1 design outer pouch.
There are holders for driver bits & pencil, as well as a leather sleeve for Clip-On items on right rear and a slot for Rafter Square behind the 2 in 1 outer pouch. Square edge to the rear. Ideal for metal framing.

Made in USA!

Pockets & Tool Holders: 9
Weight: 1.25 lbs.

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