Rada Cutlery Daisy PanMate Nylon Scraper 3 x 2-1/2 Inches - White, 2 Pack

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Nothing gets your pans and kitchen utensils cleaner than Rada’s Daisy PanMate Scraper! Sure, it’s small (just 2½x3") and has a less-than-rugged name, but don’t let that fool you… this baby is a hard-working beast of a tool.

The cut-out daisy design ensures an easy grip, while the corners feature different shapes to hug the inside edges of pans and other cookware with diverse shapes and sizes. There’s even an extended crevice cleaner that not only does a number on pan lids but also cleans other hard-to-reach places like that ridge around your kitchen sink that gets gunked up with all kinds of icky stuff. You’ll be amazed at all the places and all the ways you can use Daisy PanMate Scrapers!

Let Daisy do the dirty work at your house. But then be sure to share. Great as a gift when given along with a cookbook, utensils, and dishcloths, because everybody appreciates a little help around the house.


  • Total Width: 2½"
  • Total Length: 3"
  • Material: Nylon
  • Country of Production: USA

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