U.S. Divers Cozumel Adult Snorkelling Combo Set with Adjustable Mask, Snorkel, and Fins - Blue

Size: Large (Men's 9.5-11.5/Women's 11-13)
Sale price$49.99


There’s no better way to enjoy a day in the water than having the Cozumel DX set by your side for an optimal snorkeling experience. The Cozumel DX mask has a double window offering you protection and better visibility, while the easy-to-adjust 3-way buckles give a comfortable and flawless fit. The Seabreeze Snorkel comes with a hydro-adhesion top that minimizes splashed surface water from entering the barrel. Proflex FX fins are vented and flex with your kick, reducing foot and ankle fatigue. No matter your experience level, The Cozumel DX set is perfect for an enjoyable time exploring under water.


  • Built For Comfort
    • The hypoallergenic mouthpiece of the Seabreeze DX fin offers great comfort to alleviate jaw pressure. Both the Cozumel DX snorkeling mask and Proflex FX fins have easy-to-adjust buckles for a convenient, comfortable fit.
  • Safe and easy to use
    • Hydro-adhesion technology minimizes splashed surface water out of the top of the Seabreeze DX snorkel and the one-way purge valve makes it easy to clear any water from the mouth
  • Power, Variety, and Efficiency
    • Proflex FX fins come in a variety of sizes to suit your entire family. The fins have dual-composite blades giving them more power while energy is conserved. The vented blades provide an easier kick and reduce fatigue.

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