ZWILLING Fresh & Save DINOS Lunch Box Large, Airtight Food Storage Container, Meal Prep Container, BPA-Free

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The Fresh & Save vacuum lunch boxes are designed to work with the vacuum pump so you can enjoy fresh food on the go. And these adorable dinosaur-themed lunch boxes are specially designed for kids. Prepare healthy snacks and fresh sandwiches the evening before school or even days in advance. The smart vacuum pump slows down oxidation, so veggies stay crisp, bread stays fresh, and vitamins and flavors are locked in. The handy compartment divider included with the lunch box ensures foods stay separated, keeping them in tip top shape hours and days after they've been packed.

Dinos is the playful matching set of lunch boxes, thermo bottle, and drinking bottle that’s designed for young children to bring fresh lunches and snacks to school, camp, or the playground. Fresh food and beverages are always within reach with these fun, secure containers.

Here's how the vacuum sealing on the lunch box works: After you’ve packed the lunch, dock the vacuum pump onto the container valve. At the push of a button it extracts the air in mere seconds. The pump stops automatically once a sufficient seal has been obtained, locking in flavor, aromas, and vitamins. When kids are ready to eat, they can easily release the seal by pushing the grey valve to the side. Lids can be secured using our colorful Fresh & Save elastic bands.

  • Extra lightweight and breakproof BPA-free plastic
  • Freezer safe, microwave safe (without vacuum seal), and dishwasher safe
  • Nestable for easy storage
  • Safe freezing of food and prepped meals (vacuum sealing reduces freezer burn)
  • Removable and adjustable divider creates compartments for two different foods (M and L size only)
  • For use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump
  • Materials: BPA-free, plastic (lid, container), silicone (valve, seal)
  • Lighter lid to easily open and close while on the move (also without the pump)
  • Adorable dinosaur-themed design
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Works with the colorful Fresh & Save elastic bands for a leakproof seal when not vacuum sealed

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