ZWILLING TWINOX 4-pc Gold Edition With Case

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This premium 4-piece set from the exclusive TWINOX® Gold Edition collection is practical, compact, and ideal for both travel and everyday grooming. The blue leather case that securely fastens with tie straps holds a nail clippers, a sapphire nail file, and a slant tweezer. The nail clipper is sharp and curved for maximum precision when cutting nails. The file is designed for shaping and smoothing nail ends. And the slant tweezer makes eyebrow maintenance effortless. These modern-designed stainless-steel gold tone PVD-coated tools are ergonomically engineered to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

  • Premium 4-piece set
  • Includes TWIN® S nail clippers, sapphire nail file, and slant tweezer
  • Ergonomic tool design
  • Stainless steel with elegant gold tone PVD coating
  • Stylish blue leather travel and storage case with fastening straps 

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